Applying a style

Styles are a set of formatting attributes that allow common elements to look the same. For example, headings are typically in a larger font than regular text. Applying a heading style to your headings allows you to make that change quickly. Each style defines a font, font size, foreground color, background color, and whether lines using the style have a top or bottom border.

Help Crafter has several built-in styles that can be used to format text, and you can easily create your own.

To apply a style:

Tip: You can create styles from existing text, or by using the Style Manager.

To change fonts without using styles:

You can change the font type face, size, and color of text using the system Fonts and Colors dialogs.

Tip: if you modify the appearance of some text (font, color, etc) you can later replace the style you modified, or create a new style. See Creating a style for more info.

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