Help anchors

Help anchors allow you to link to individual pages in your help content from your application. Anchors on the page are represented by the anchor target image in the left margin of the page.

Every page has a default anchor you can link to, but you can define additional anchors if you want to link to specific content. The default anchor’s name is generated by the system when you create the page, but you can change it if desired. You can view the name of any anchor target by hovering over the anchor with the mouse.

To rename an anchor (including the default):

To add an additional anchor on the page:

To delete an anchor

Once you have defined anchors, you can link to them from code such as;

NSString* locBookName = [[NSBundle mainBundle] objectForInfoDictionaryKey:@"CFBundleHelpBookName"];

[[NSHelpManager sharedHelpManager] openHelpAnchor:@“anchorname“ inBook:locBookName];

// Change anchorname to the name of the anchor you want to link to.

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