Editing the header and footer

You can include headers and footers in your project. A header is a common element that is displayed at the top of each page; a footer is a common element that is displayed at the bottom of each page. By default, the header shows the bundle icon and the current page title - this is what is used in the Help Crafter help. Headers and footers can be turned on or off in the Helpbook general settings.

To edit the header:

To edit the footer:

Tip: headers and footers can contain variable text, either user defined or system generated. For example, the default header contains the PageTitle variable, which always contains the current, localized page title. Although headers and footers can not be directly localized, user defined variables can be localized. If you need to localize your headers and footers, you can provide define variables for your content, then provide values for each language in your help document.

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