Beautiful help made easy

You’ve spent a lot of time and money designing and developing your Mac app, and you want to add help for the final finishing touch. Or you’re just starting, and want to write help as you go. But let’s face it – adding help to your Mac apps isn’t the the most fun thing in the world. Creating a help bundle manually is frustratingly error prone, and it’s difficult to make changes to your content without a great Help Authoring Tool. That’s where Help Crafter steps in. See what our users are saying:

“Finally a real HAT for Apple Help”
“We’ve been waiting years for this”
“Writing help for Mac Apps used to be a real pain. Must have tool for all Mac developers”
“There’s a reason a lot of Mac apps in the app store don’t have Mac Help files – it’s because the process is one of THE most terrifyingly painful things for a developer to have to do. This app takes away most of that pain, thankfully.”

Help Crafter is designed to work like your favorite word processor. You create pages as you go, and drag them in the navigation sidebar at any time to change  the structure. You author each page using Help Crafter’s powerful state of the art word processor. You can drag images into your project, then resize them so they fit your content perfectly. And if you are publishing in multiple languages, Help Crafter supports multi-language help content. When you are ready to publish your help you can generate your fully indexed, localized help bundle in seconds.

Help Crafter is available exclusively from the Mac App Store for US $39.99.

See how easy it can be to author help for Mac apps.  Buy Help Crafter from the Mac App Store now, or order a free trial.